Framlingham Gala Fest


Decorated floats and fancy dress groups walk along the streets of Framlingham to the Castle Meadow.


Various spectacular performances in the main ring to watch and enjoy throughout the afternoon.


Music for you to listen to, and events for you to get involved with included games and races.

About Framlingham Gala

The Gala is the main fund raising event of the year for the Sports Club, but it is also more then that. It is the continuance of tradition that has always been part of Framlingham and the area. It is one of the main events of the year of people look forward to it.

The club firmly believes the Gala is good for the town. All profits made (when it doesn't rain) help to maintain and supply new facilities at the sports club for young and old. 

The traditional Gala weekend has continued to entertain over the years. The fun fair (Bert Stocks) is open all weekend and is always popular, the various forms of entertainment including trick cyclists, the Suffolk School of Samba, motorcycle stunts, clowns and more please the watching crowd in the show ring, and the procession of decorated floats and people in fancy dress pass through the town as they make their way to the castle meadow.

As well as the fair and procession, there a craft fair and car boot sale still also take place over the weekend inside the Castle and at the Sports Club.